Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Special Delivery from Costa Rica!

Well the lads from Revista Colectiva have done again, and created another cracker of an issue. The theme of this edition is "Black." It is a simple theme that has produced some beautiful and stylish art. Check it out! We also received a publication called "Gallo Pinto" with this edition of Revista Colectiva. My Spanish is a little rusty so I am not too sure what it is about exactly, but it is a great looking publication non-the less.


Friday, April 13, 2007

Revista Colectiva

These little fellas came all the way from Costa Rica. We did a Zine swap with these guys and their publication looks amazing. They were also good enough to throw in some stikers when they mailed their Zines to us, very cool! Check'em out at http://www.flickr.com/photos/revistacolectiva


Monday, March 19, 2007


Hello fellow zinesters!!
We'll, would ya look at this, Hungry have spent all night working on a spankin' new website, full of fun for everyone!
That's right, if you head to;
you'll find a sweet lookin' new website and our hot new logo!
All dreamed up by the super creative team at Hungry.
Some of you have already noticed that Issue 4 - Yin & Yang - is for sale RIGHT NOW!!
This time we have gone all out on printing, and I must say it does look pretty darned good. It goes all the way to the edge!
We also have a super special 50 limited - ltd edition run of hand screen printed covers. Each one is totally unique and will be cherished forever if owned, be quick though cos these suckers are running out already! 
And one last thing.
The jury is still out on whether myspace is super cool, or super nerdy, but Hungry has taken a punt each way and joined the revolution.
If you go to
you can become a friend of ours too.
(Not that you weren't already. It will just make us feel better about ourselves if we have THOUSANDS of friends like Elvis)
Right, that pretty much raps up the latest update on Hungry Zine.
We hope you are all well and merry and enjoying 2007.
Let's ROCK!!
The Hungry Team


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hungry Zine Issue 4 Launch

Hey gang!

So Hungry Zine has made it to Issue 4. The Yin and Yang issue. It's all
about balance and stuff.
Wow! aren't we big now?!
And look, to show off how grown up and professional we are now, we got
ourselves a fancy new Gallery to show off our work!
So next Friday the 23rd Feb, from 6pm, we officially launch the 4th issue of
Hungry Zine at
The Artery, 87-89 Moor St, Fitzroy (Just of Brunswick st).

To help celebrate this most auspicious of occasions (and to raise some much
needed funds) we will be conducting a silent auction.
We have a King Kahuna foot rest, a Peace Love and Brown Rice (A Photographic
History of the Big Day Out by Sophie Howarth ) Boxed collection of books,
hand made Toys by the Uber talented Kate Chmeil and much more! SO make sure
you get in early to get you hands on any of these HOT items!

And if being among the first in the WORLD to get your hands on the RED HOT new issue of Hungry is not enough, we will have the usual booze and banter to keep the
die hards satisfied.


PS. For our international friends who aren't able to jet in that night, Hungry Zine Issue 4 will be available to buy over the net from Friday. Stay tuned for more updates and surprises!
The Hungry Team


Monday, February 19, 2007

Come one, come all...Issue 4 launch!

For those who can't read microscopic pixelly print, that there invitation is for YOU and ALL YOUR FRIENDS to come to The Artery at 87-89 Moor St, Fitzroy, on Friday the 23rd from 6pm. All the original work from this issue will be hanging in the gallery, plus some from previous issues and brand new never-seen-before artworks. There's a silent auction, too. Come early and bid for tasty goodies like the Big Day Out book and a yin/yang beanbag.

Look forward to seeing you there! Come over and say hi!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Melbourne Pixel

We like this site. A lot. You should too.


Issue 8 is out now and filled with all sorts of interesting articles on interesting creative types. As well as a piece on themselves. Gotta love blowing your own horn.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Gerbil, the non-spotted Peeka-sneaka bird.